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snowflake summit

Meet with Untitled.

June 13-16  |  Las Vegas, NV

aaron peabody

Aaron Peabody

Co-Founder & CEO

Aaron Peabody specializes in the data element of Untitled’s business and leads the technical staff. His professional background has been predominantly comprised of technology startups and scale-ups, bringing an entrepreneurial edge and diverse tech stack to the Untitled team.
Aaron has worked as a data strategist and integrations expert in a wide variety of industries. In former roles, he built data models for Fortune 100 companies to help guide decision making for some of the largest marketing budgets in the world. His unique experience gives him a large toolbox of skill sets to amplify a client’s data activation strategies.

At any given time, Aaron is working through two to three science fiction books. If he’s not reading or working, you’ll find him at a local coffee shop or brewery with his pup Piper.

ellen stubbs

Ellen Stubbs


Ellen Stubbs is an experienced entrepreneur with 15 years of sales and marketing leadership, specializing in recruiting and leading aggressive sales efforts for scaling startups.
Most recently, Ellen was a founding leadership member of higher ed martech firm, taking the organization from $1-$8M in 3 years. Additionally, Ellen was recognized in the 2016 Business First 40U40 and serves as a UofL female-founder mentor.
katie van zant

Kate Paas

Partnerships Director

Kate Paas brings a background in facilitating modern data stack projects from concept to implementation to achieve transformations within the business. Having worked in digital strategy and analysis for almost 8 years, she is passionate about the value the modern data stack creates for organizations of all sizes.
As Strategic Partnerships Director, Kate spearheads the cultivation and growth of relationships with preferred technology partners that help give our clients a competitive advantage through the modern data infrastructure, resulting in faster time to insight, decreased operating costs, increased revenue and advanced ML and AI capabilities.

Happy Hour Expo

with Untitled & Hightouch

Come chat identity resolution and data activation with us during the Wednesday Happy Hour Expo at the Hightouch booth.

Booth #2220 | Wednesday 5:00 to 6:00pm

untitled hightouch

Untitled works closely with Hightouch on data activation and identity resolution for CDPs. Learn about what Identity Resolution is, and why you should be managing this process yourselves within your Snowflake data warehouse.

Using Hightouch’s tools, our customers have the ability to push valuable leads generated by our Lead Resolution product back into their respective platforms or application. For example, sales teams have the luxury of activating visitors by pushing leads to Salesforce, Hubspot or another CRM of choice. Hightouch provides our customers with means of activation, taking capabilities to an entirely new level.

Identity Resolution

The Power of Identity Resolution

Turning Data Complexity Into Opportunity With Distilled.
Businesses have customer data originating from many different places – in application databases, within their CRM and Marketing and Support tools, browser behavior, and anonymous events collected from digital products across platforms and channels.

Unifying these first and third party data points back to a single individual is an important element of establishing a competitive advantage in any industry for driving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention growth.

While the need for identity resolution is exponentially increasing, the challenges and complexities associated with achieving identity resolution are growing even faster. Between the rising inadequacy of cookies and the increasing complexity of the device, platform and channel landscape- there are various levels of difficulty involved with appropriately integrating, matching, and organizing customer data into this unified view.

pie chart of data products

Activation with Untitled

Distilled by Untitled.

Untitled’s product Distilled solves this problem. Our solution encompasses data integration (Fivetran), warehousing/transformation (Snowflake + dbt), BI (Tableau, Looker, Sisense, Sigma), activation (Hightouch) and other best in class partners in order provide our clients a unified customer profile as well as actionable analytics and data activation opportunities.

Fully Managed Stack

Removal of continual manual labor within the business to manage stack and link together siloed data sources.

Improved Cross-Functional Collaboration

Improved data management and collaboration between functions (finance, sales, customer service, marketing) to serve a single customer seamlessly – even beyond the buying journey.

Audience & Segmentation Insights

Unified customer views for lead scoring or segmentation allowing more personalized communication and buying journeys.

Increase In Marketing & Sales Efficiency

Improved campaign insights and effectiveness leading to reduced customer acquisition and retention costs.

Resolving Web Visitors with Untitled

Lead Resolution using Untitled.

Using the Lead Resolution Pixel from Untitled, we de-anonymize direct users coming to your digital product (ie your website or application) and allow you to activate on this audience through our platform, DISTILLED. How is this done?

step 1 of lead resolution pixel

Step 1

Generate your pixel.

The purpose of the pixel is to help identify site visitors from your existing website visitors. We do this to the person, NOT company level. This leads to much higher value and actionable data. You get the company as a secondary benefit.

step 2 of lead resolution pixel

Step 2

Place the pixel on your website.

Once your Lead Resolution Pixel has been generated, place this code on all pages of your website. When successful, the active pixel will add approximately 5x the number of prospects currently generated from your captive visitors.

Start Using Your Data

Start activating your resolved visitors.

It’s that simple. Based on qualified prospects and Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), we’ll improve custom audience segmentation and targeting to add value to your outbound marketing efforts.

Activate this data with an export or push this audience to your platform of choice using our partner, Hightouch.

pixel chart

What outcomes can you expect?

Our goal is to identify new prospects from the other 98% of site visitors.

  • 10x your email list building – Increase the number of emails captured on your website tenfold.
  • 5x your form fills – Hit five times the number of interested prospects in B2B and B2C profile records.
  • 2x your ICP prospects – Untitled refines prospects by scoring against your ideal closed/customer profiles.
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