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We develop web solutions

that collect data & solve complex problems.

Driven by a desire to understand the end user, Untitled set out to create the most logical and optimal way of understanding customer interaction on a site or application. With data collection methods, clean user-experience, tracking pixels and small forms of machine learning, Untitled builds high-impact platforms to meet customers on and off site.

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Our sites are optimized to create

the most value for your customers,

while also collecting the most data from users.

We aren’t after design awards and recognition. While we follow the latest web design trends and apply great UX, Untitled is more focused on building systems that provide immediate solutions to your needs. Our development team builds websites that collect customer information, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

We use primarily three platforms: WordPress, Drupal and Shopify. Depending on the business you’re in, our team can help navigate and point you in the right direction when it comes to development. From there, we build a custom solution tailored for you.

Web Development Solutions.

Web Development & Design

Untitled uses the latest web trends and design methods to build incredible systems that reach customers and achieve goals. Our sites are optimized to create the most value for your customers, garnering the data needed for future digital marketing campaigns and data analytics projects.

Applications built by Untitled are straightforward, but technical in approach. Our process combines great user-experience with logical site architecture.

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WordPress, Shopify & Drupal

Our development teams work with three primary platforms: WordPress, Shopify and Drupal.

WordPress: For service based clients and portfolio projects, our team always suggests working in WordPress. We build custom solutions that combine great design with a sophisticated system.

Shopify: If you’re a product-based company, our team builds within the Shopify ecosystem. Shopify simplifies the e-commerce world, providing scalable solutions that our team integrates. We build custom stores and make sure you’re collecting the correct type of data for informed marketing in the future.

Drupal: For large organizations, our team builds custom applications within the Drupal framework for scaled interfaces. For more information on a Drupal build, contact our team.

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Data Collection

We look at web development through a data-centric lens. A crucial part of development today is adding data collection methods in the form of tags, tracking pixels and clear call-to-actions to generate more first-party data.

Your website is the first place customers interact with your brand. We make sure your site is utilizing the correct pixels to collect that valuable information.

Pixel Organization

Adding pixels to your website is easy, especially for a seasoned web developer. However, over time, having multiple pixels and event triggers can become overwhelming and unorganized.

We work with clients to setup tools like Google Tag Manager, Segment and other solutions in order to streamline data sources and point them to the right buckets.


Microformats or schema are lines of JSON code that live in the backend of your website. Schema is another way to boost your SEO. When a search engine crawls your website, the bots also read these schema markups, then creating those rich snippet results found in Google.

Our team works with you to understand the appropriate schema markups to add for boosted search results.

Case Studies.

Development is one of the four pillars of Untitled. Our development is focused on providing you with scalable systems that collect the right data for informed decision making. Check out how these decision makers worked with Untitled to create valuable solutions.

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