data architecture.

We focus on the foundation

of how and what you use your data for.

We approach clients’ data architecture with the desire to maximize the potential of two key areas: data identification and data acquisition. By identifying and cataloging what data a company acquires with data identification methods, we can then determine other channels that are currently missing and start conducting data architecture design strategies to close the loop. From this base, we can then inform an overall data strategy for an organization. This will touch upon all aspects of a company, from marketing to operations to human resources

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Our approach addresses the platforms, pipelines and processes that organizations use for all components of their business.

Through deep and methodical discovery processes, we will prescribe, build and deploy solutions within your organization that empowers both the individual and the collective. This entails integrating data sources across every facet of business and every piece of the value chain.

Through this synchronization, you’ll be provided with architecture that you can leverage to make truly data-driven decisions.

Data Architecture Solutions.

Information Architecture

Information needs a foundation and walls to house it in a way that is flexible, accessible and scalable. Untitled will assist in designing and standing up systems, applications and databases that meet this need.

Data Pipelines

This is the overall strategy for the design, flow and governance of data within and throughout your architecture. Beyond the walls and foundation of your organization, you can think of pipelines as the electrical and plumbing within a household that unifies it all together.

Automation and Integration Services

Untitled offers automation and integration services to improve the efficiency of your organization. Through the use of APIs and data transfer methods, we will automate the flow of data to key parts of a company.

New Product / New Company Development

If you have an idea for a new data-driven product or platform, Untitled will guide you on the most efficient and scalable path to introducing the solution to market. Our company has vast experience in designing data products that are scalable, flexible and approachable; leading to cost efficiencies that are unparalleled.


Through our process, companies transform beyond a realm of rigid process and thinking, into an organization that is flexible, adaptive and informed for the future era of business. Check out some of our blogs!

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