Untitled Challenge

Since traditional email campaigns did not seem to be moving the needle on the returning customer rate for this particular client, our digital strategy team brainstormed some alternative advertising methods that would allow us to reach previous purchasers and get them to purchase additional items from our client’s online store.

Increase In Returning Customer Rate Through Targeted Digital Campaigns.

Our client was interested in utilizing Untitled’s digital marketing service to increase their returning customer rate (repeat purchase rate) in order to improve their customer retention.

Untitled Approach

Untitled benchmarked the returning customer rate for the previous 90 days at 16.97%.

Our team then conducted some analysis on historical purchasing patterns and created four hyper-targeted audience segments of previous customers.


Lookalike Audiences


Returning Customer Rate


Increase In 90 Days

Client Outcome

We proceeded to served Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to these four audience segments based on their previous purchase history. After 90 days of the campaigns running, the returning customer rate had increased to 24.13%. Through the use of data analysis and custom audiences, we were able to increase our client’s returning customer rate and increase overall customer lifetime value.

About Untitled

At Untitled we use first-party and third-party data to arrive at an unbiased opinion of who your ideal customer is, and work with you to identify the optimal way of reaching them. In an age where data reigns supreme, we ensure our clients have an advantage. We read and interpret your data to inform better advertising, digital marketing and business decisions.

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