Untitled Challenge

Falls City came to Untitled to build a new website that would accomplish a variety of business objectives and drive increased revenue for the organization.

Helping a local craft brewery consolidate and update their website.

Our client, Falls City Beer, is one of the oldest and most well-known breweries in the nation. Founded in 1905, Falls City Beer was reborn in 2010 offering craft beer to a new market. As operations grew, so did the fandom. With the introduction of a new Taproom in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood, it was time for a new website to reach a wider audience and showcase the new location.

Falls City had a loyal fan base that purchased merchandise and barware on a Shopify store. However, the rest of the website has hosted on a separate WordPress website. Not only was this a user-experience problem, it also created a gap in the overall data strategy that needed to be solved.

Untitled Approach

Using our data-driven approach, Untitled decided it would be best to consolidate the website on Shopify. This would allow for continued merchandise sales and effective showcasing of each unique beer. Moreover, the consolidated websites provided Falls City with one Facebook Pixel and one Google Analytics tag, achieving a better understanding of user behavior.

Client Outcome

We were very eager to collaborate with the Falls City team to design a new website that accomplished the outlined goals for the organization: communicate the rich history of Falls City, allow customers to purchase merchandise from the online store, highlight the new Falls City Taproom and provide information on their famous beer.

While building the website, we realized more content needed to be generated. Working with Brian U’Sellis from Falls City, Untitled scheduled a photo shoot and took new images for the website and future sales materials.

“These folks were able to build and deliver a fantastic new website and help improve our business’ online footprint and reach,” said Brian U’Sellis. “Their work was reasonably priced and they delivered everything quickly and professionally. They continue to help us navigate any issues that occur and are absolutely great to work with!”

About Untitled

At Untitled we use first-party and third-party data to arrive at an unbiased opinion of who your ideal customer is, and work with you to identify the optimal way of reaching them. In an age where data reigns supreme, we ensure our clients have an advantage. We read and interpret your data to inform better advertising, digital marketing and business decisions.

Old vs. New

Old vs. New