Untitled Challenge

Build a new site with eCommerce functionality that allows customers to purchase tickets, farm products and tell the location’s unique history.

Helping a high-end events facility build a site with eCommerce functionality.

Ashbourne Farms is a high-end events facility and farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Ashbourne Farms initially engaged Untitled to run digital marketing campaigns for an event held on the property. After seeing success, our team brought up the idea of building a new website with online purchasing and data collection capabilities.

Untitled’s challenge was twofold: build a website that elevated the brand standards, detailing the unique history of the farm and include eCommerce functionality for ticket sales and locally sourced organic farm products.

Untitled Approach

Utilizing Shopify, Untitled built an engaging website that accomplished all the goals of the organization. Not only did the website provide the rich history of Ashbourne Farms, it gave users an opportunity to purchase event tickets and culinary products offered on location.


In Online Sales Within First Three Weeks


Month-Over-Month Increase In Users


Increase In New Users

Client Outcome

Untitled built a web solution that accomplished three primary goals for Ashbourne Farms: the ability for online ticket sales, protein and meat purchasing, and form submissions for wedding and event inquiries. Within the first three weeks, the new website brought $10,694 in online sales revenue. Since then, Ashbourne Farms has experienced a 124.5% increase in new users coming to the website.

About Untitled

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