Modern Data Stack Tools.

The modern data stack is a list of tools, platforms and products used for data integration within your organization. The goal of modern data stack tools are to analyze your data and uncover new insights or areas of revenue opportunity and improve efficiency.

Modern data stack tools can look different from company to company. For example, an eCommerce business may have a suite of tools that look entirely different than a healthcare organization. Below are a list of Untitled’s recommended tools.

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Data Ingestion & ETL

ETL is a type of data integration that refers to the three steps (extract, transform, load) used to blend data from multiple sources.

modern data stack tools fivetran



A data warehouse is a data management system that is designed to enable and support business intelligence (BI) activities.

modern data stack tools snowflake


Analytics & BI

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information.

modern data stack tools sisense

powerbi vs tableau             


Orchestration is an automated process in which a software solution combines, cleanses, and organizes data from multiple sources.

modern data stack tools astronomer


Transformation is the process of changing the format or structure of data typically from the source system into the required format.

modern data stack tools dbt


Observability means maintaining a constant pulse of the health of your data systems by monitoring and tracking.

modern data stack tools soda io

How Can I Take Advantage Of a Modern Data Stack?

The difference between a modern data stack and a legacy data/tech stack is that the modern data stack is hosted in the cloud, requiring very little configuration by a large team.

At Untitled, we rapidly deploy modern data stacks and build advanced analytic experiences with dashboards, visualizations and business intelligence that deliver clear and consistent insights. For additional information on how your team can take advantage of a modern data stack, check out some Untitled case studies and get started below.

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