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Frequently Asked Questions.

General FAQs

What aspects of Distilled are managed by the Untitled team?

What do the Standard Source transformation packages include?

When connecting a standard data source, Distilled will transform the raw data into a clean and normalized schema structure, prepped for analysis.

What do the Rapid Source transformation packages include?

When connecting an advanced data source, Distilled will transform the standard objects, fields, and logic of each source into clear, comprehensive tables that power your reports, visualizations and dashboards. Raw data is also available alongside your transformed data.

What is the process to connect a data source that is not included in the supported source list?

Do we continue to own our data?

How can we access the analysis-ready data?

How do the warehouse credentials work?

What if we do not have an existing BI tool or analytics team in house?

How frequently does the data sync and update in Distilled?

How does Untitled approach data governance within the data warehouse?

Can my team work with raw data directly in the warehouse?

What happens if we want to break away from Distilled?

What support is available should I need technical assistance?

Lead Data Stream FAQs

How does the Lead Data Stream work?

How do I install the Lead Data Stream tag?

What is an Identity Graph?

An identity graph is a vast relational database that stores information from various sources pertaining to a specific group of individuals. In our case, the source data is one of the largest data co-ops in the US, consisting of details about US adults, including their contact information, demographic attributes, firmographic attributes, and unique identifiers. These unique identifiers can take the form of encrypted email addresses, device IDs, MAIDs (Mobile Advertising IDs), IP address, HEMs, etc. The identity graph establishes connections between all this information, enabling us to query and determine the identities of your website visitors.

Can Lead Data Stream data append to existing first party data?

Lead Resolution data can be appended and enrich existing first party data sources (Shopify, Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.) to further enrich customer profiles with additional attributes.

Can the Lead Data Stream count delivered be capped at a certain amount?

Is the Lead Data Stream able to be set up or placed to only resolve traffic on certain pages?

What can the Lead Data Stream data be used for?

How can marketing and advertising agencies view Lead Data Stream data for multiple clients?

Is the Lead Data Stream compliant with current laws and regulations?

What geographic regions does the Identity Graph for the Lead Data Stream pull from?

Is Lead Data Stream GDPR compliant?

Can I email my website visitors, even if they didn’t ask to be contacted?

Is the data resolved through the tag passed back to any third parties?

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