Data Analytics in Louisville

Untitled offers a new approach to data analytics in Louisville. Data analytics refers to qualitative…
descriptive and predictive analytics

A Practical Guide to Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

Descriptive & Predictive Analytics   Mark Twain famously said, "There are three kinds of lies:…
Power BI vs Tableau: Choosing One For Your Next Data Project
ad growth engine
Is Your Company Ready For An Ad Growth Engine?
python and r
Choosing Between Python and R for Data Science and Machine Learning
do microformats help my SEO

Do Microformats Help My SEO?

Companies put a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), as they should. However, in…
5 things that could be hurting your SEO

5 Things That Could Be Hurting Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a straightforward process. While it’s evolved over the years, introducing modifications…
falls city beer
Client Spotlight: Falls City Beer
appalachian impact fund
Client Spotlight: Appalachian Impact Fund
4 reasons why you should switch to shopify
4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Shopify

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