75% cost savings vs building a data stack

50% decrease in time to insight

Company Size



Leadership team, Sales team, Marketing team

Data Sources

vip data

A premium spirits supplier recently implemented a series of new systems to help them scale as its brands prepare for national expansion. As these systems began collecting data across a variety of resources, the leadership team needed a way to centralize and combine the data to inform its approach to sales execution and commercial performance reporting. 

Embedding its analytics translation approach to solution development, Untitled worked with the leadership team to align on a priority problem, identify relevant questions, and determine data needs. Untitled then provided the team with a series of actionable reporting and analytics solutions, along with organized and intuitive raw data sets from which others could then easily explore, analyze and create reports.

wine and spirits dashboard

The Challenge

No Data Infrastructure or Decision Support

A quickly growing craft spirits supplier was receiving invoice-level depletion data from a data-processing vendor via the vendor’s platform. The platform provides access to pre-delivered reports and data download capabilities. However, the platform does not provide an efficient interface for downloading raw data in bulk to support customized analytics requirements. With limited resources, the supplier team manually pulled data from various vendor-specific views and managed all data work via spreadsheets.

The Solution

Deploying the Infrastructure Without an Internal Team.

To help fix the issue, Untitled worked with the data vendor to establish an automated export of data to the supplier’s SFTP.  From there, the team automated movement of all data to a centralized data warehouse, created intuitive, well-documented and organized data structures for ad-hoc data analysis, and a series of actionable, interactive visualizations and reports. 

Untitled worked closely with the supplier and data vendor to automate all integrations and analytics capabilities, with all data assets automatically updating with the most recent data each day. All back-end and front-end revisions, updates and maintenance are now handled by Untitled, allowing sales teams to access updated, accurate and intuitive data sets and reporting without having to comb through multiple systems and file types. 

The Impact

Accessibility and Accuracy Now Drive Sales and Commercial Reporting.

Fast-tracking time to insight, the team is now able to focus on business management and strategic, data-driven sales approaches. In addition, with strong subject matter expertise in beverage alcohol data and business management, Untitled was able to work with sales teams to show them how to achieve and track improved outcomes using these new analytics capabilities. From data to insights and insights to outcomes, the craft spirits supplier is now empowered with modern data solutions and a data-informed strategy to take action on its sales data with ease and efficiency.