30% cost savings vs building a data stack

73% decrease in time to insight

4X more use in BI to make marketing decisions

Company Size



Leadership team, Sales team, Marketing team

Data Sources


Venture First is a financial services company in Louisville, KY that works with startups, scaling organizations, and enterprise businesses. They knew that becoming data-driven was the key to taking their business to new heights. Their CEO, John Shumate, understood the value and importance of data and the role it could play in making them more effective. However, they didn’t possess the knowledge to build their own data pipeline and didn’t want to invest in bringing on a full data team to help create and manage their data infrastructure. At a bit of a crossroads, they turned to Untitled’s platform, DISTILLED, to help them get to where they needed to be.

The Challenge

Lack of Infrastructure & Access Slowed Decision Making.

When John Shumate, Founder & CEO of Venture First, started focusing on adopting a modern data culture, they did not yet have their data infrastructure set up. Without this infrastructure, basic reporting tasks, such as finding metrics for weekly management meetings and executive reports, were time-consuming.

Moreover, Venture First had begun ramping up marketing spend to acquire new customers through LinkedIn campaigns. Without access to ad spend, cost per lead and other important information, Shumate did not have a way to accurately measure performance.

Shumate could not get data without working with an engineering team, something he did not want to heavily invest in. Shumate knew that Venture Fist needed to mature their data organization and build a data stack, but he did not have the bandwidth nor the technical expertise to do it.

The Solution

Venture First Deployed Infrastructure Without an Internal Team.

Venture First approached Untitled and subscribed to their platform in order to quickly adopt a modern data stack foundation. They then hired Untitled in a services capacity to build Leaderships Dashboards and Marketing Dashboards to help them more easily see their data.

In a matter of 5 days, data from Quickbooks, HubSpot, Google Sheets and LinkedIn was loaded, transformed and visualized in Untitled BI, providing their leadership team with a holistic view of all operations within their major teams.

The Impact

Accessibility and Accuracy Now Drive Decision Marketing.

With the help of Untitled, Venture First now has a single, company-wide source of truth that empowers their team to make faster, more sound decisions.

From the leadership team to the sales, marketing, and support teams, all of their staff members are able to use insights provided in Untitled Business Intelligence to help achieve their company goals. Further, the sales, marketing, and customer success teams can now find metrics quickly and easily, without combing through excel sheets.

Venture First knew they could do bigger and better things as a company, but they were at a roadblock when it came to building the data infrastructure needed to achieve more. Using DISTILLED allowed them to build a data pipeline for less money, in less time and with less risk than if they tried to build it themselves. Now, Venture First has clean and consistent data available to them with the click of a button. When they combine that with their own expertise, they’re able to make better, more sound decisions and as a company they have adopted a data mindset that will propel them into the future.