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Data Architecture & BI Implementation for high growth eCommerce

Untitled partnered with Toadfish Outfitters during the 2018 Black Friday and holiday season to assist with digital marketing efforts and web development updates on their Shopify site. Toadfish Outfitters started in its founder’s backyard shed and from there, evolved into a multi-million dollar enterprise with an immensely popular brand. However, the rapidly scaling business faced challenges in its growth, which led to problems in the overall day-to-day operations, largely due to a lack of sophisticated systems and visibility into the business with the help of data and automation.

Untitled built a data architecture and data analytics foundation that met Toadfish’s marketplace demands. Untitled surgically tackled each component of the data architecture piece by piece to minimize the effect of the new system overhaul on day-to-day functions. The end result was a singular dashboard where Toadfish can monitor their wholesale channels, e-commerce channels, inventory levels, cash flow, digital marketing, and other key operational aspects.

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Client Outcome

Toadfish Outfitters was able to win back time usually spent putting out fires or executing redundant tasks, and increased the company’s focus on introducing dozens of new products. With a new data-driven foundation in their business, Toadfish Outfitters matched its total 2018 top-line revenue in just one month in 2019.

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