Total Site traffic November: 252,482

LDS Identified Traffic November: 82,982

Avg. order price: $80.49

Percentage of Revenue from Email: 22%

ROAS from Lead Data Stream: 6.8X


Marketing Team

toadfish outfitters

Overview: Toadfish Outfitters is an eCommerce brand that specializes in sustainable and innovative outdoor and kitchen products. They use Shopify Plus to monitor website sales, and marketing efforts to drive traffic to their site including Klaviyo, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, native retargeting, display and YouTube advertising.

Obstacle: While using multi-channel marketing tools is recommended and well-rounded in approach, they needed a solution for data unification among their multi-channel strategy, especially collecting and identifying customers who landed on their page but did not check out. Bringing in sales via the direct-to-consumer website and identifying leads is critical to their e-commerce success. Their KPI focus is Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), or the amount of revenue earned for every dollar spent on advertising. By using multiple features within the Distilled platform (notably the Lead Data Stream, Enrichment, Audience Builder, and Page Path Insights), they can monitor and capture all leads to their site, and evaluate the best channel for these individuals to enter a retargeting campaign.


Utilizing Identity Resolution through Lead Data Stream.

The CMO, Thor Rhodin, focuses on retargeting potential customers who did not make it to checkout. A key channel for this marketer is email retargeting. Having emails through LDS gives him the necessary data to market to lost customers and not increase overall email marketing costs as it is not specifically a paid channel. As long as the ROAS is positive, the tool is a valuable asset for the Toadfish marketing mix, allowing them to market to new customers and upsell historical customers as Toadfish develops new product lines and collections.


Shopify Conversions with Lead Data Stream at Profitable ROAS.

Below is a comparison of the results the Lead Data Stream provided to Toadfish over a 30-day period in November 2023.

Google Ads Results Without Lead Data Stream:

  • Klaviyo ROAS without LDS: 3X
  • Used Google Analytics to get topline information on site traffic 
  • Attributions on existing shoppers in Shopify only
  • Lookalike audiences sourced from Shopify customers only

After Implementing Lead Data Stream: 

  • Klaviyo ROAS using Lead Data Stream: 6.8X
  • Attributions and unique visitor information on hidden shoppers and net new shoppers
  • Lookalikes expanded due to 60% of visitors being identified
  • Total Spend: $2,500 / month

Audience Builder for Direct to Consumer.

The Lead Data Stream pixel will catch the qualified leads from the website who are interested in Toadfish products. Beyond this, Distilled allows Toadfish to filter based on the last page visited, referrer URL, and build and save audience lists based on buying behaviors.

Different ways Toadfish uses the data to close more deals: 

  • Import net new leads into Klaviyo email automation flows for top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel email nurturing. 
  • Uses the Enrichment feature to understand how their website visitors relate to customers in their Shopify store.  
  • Build audience lists based on buyers who have previously purchased and those visiting the site for the first time.  
  • Understand LDS demographics to create lookalike audiences.
  • Filter to Top Pages for hyper-targeted content.