Twitter to Wall Street.

Untitled was hired by an agency representing Papa John’s Pizza to run a sentiment analysis on Twitter users to determine how online consumer behavior influences the overall stock price.

The ask was straightforward: how do new brand ambassadors hired by the organization influence consumer sentiment on Twitter and how does that translate to their overall stock price?

Untitled built as dashboard that pulled live Tweets against their stock ticker using an open API from Yahoo Finanace and Bloomberg.

Data Sources Used:

Tools Utilized:

Wins After Project Completion.

Papa John’s Pizza and the agency were very happy with the outcome of the dashboarding process. With this data at their fingertips, the team now had the understanding of monetary gains and sentiments to new corporate spokespeople, partnerships, and social responsibility initiatives.

In addition to this, the content marketing team had a better understanding of how they should respond to consumers on social media platforms and how that influences overall economics within the organization.