Total generated leads in 1 week: 185

Total B2B resolved leads in 1 week: 16

5 direct email responses and meeting from B2B file

31% response rate in week 1


Sales and Marketing Team

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Overview: Scottsdale Steel Frames specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of steel framing systems. They offer solutions for various construction projects, utilizing steel frames known for their durability, flexibility, and efficiency. Their services cater to the construction industry, providing robust and reliable steel framing options for diverse building needs.

Obstacle: Scottsdale Construction Systems leveraged Google Ads as the primary driver of traffic to their site. Using a number of strategies to market by territory and services, they wanted to grow and further validate their Marketing Qualified Leads specifically in the United States.


Utilizing Identity Resolution through Lead Data Stream.

By tailoring their Paid Search efforts first, they brought back high-intent leads to their site. Using the Lead Data Stream feed, they were able to see individual prospects resulting from their paid search campaigns. Scottsdale Steel expanded its marketing efforts by introducing B2B email campaigns to those resolved in the Lead Data Stream B2B marketing file. Within one week, they received 5 direct responses interested to know more about Scottsdale’s services.


More Qualified Leads Matching the ICP.

Below is a comparison of the results the Lead Data Stream provided to Scottsdale for a United States audience over a 30-day period.

Google Ads Results Without Lead Data Stream:

  • Total Form Fill Leads From Campaigns: 9 
  • Cost Per Lead: $201
  • Total Google Ads Spend: $1,810

After Implementing Lead Data Stream: 

  • Additional Leads Delivered For Same Timeframe: 548
  • Cost Per Lead: $2.73
  • Total Monthly Spend: $1,500 /m
lead data stream

Lead Data Stream for Inbound Sales and Marketing.

The Lead Data Stream pixel will catch the qualified leads from Google Ads that are interested in products but have not yet filled out a form as well as deliver additional attributes on current prospects in Hubspot.

Different ways Scottsdale Steel uses the data to close more deals: 

  • Import net new leads into Hubspot email automation flows for nurturing 
  • Assign top tier leads to territory sales rep for tailored outreach 
  • Import leads in paid advertising campaigns as custom audiences for targeted outreach 
  • Utilize business addresses in direct mail campaigns 
  • Gather more attributes on current prospects in Hubspot 
  • Create Ideal Customer Profiles by comparing common attributes across closed deals