507 Additional leads matching the client ICP

725 Clicks generated from campaign

Cost Per LDS Lead: $4.93

Agency Size



Media team and Account Services team

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Overview: Leap Group was running highly targeted Google Ad search campaigns in effort to expand their B2B client’s business in the US territory.

Obstacle: Since the agency’s client has a high price point product that requires a degree of education and consideration, there were only a few form fills that they were able to deliver back as leads to their client from their marketing efforts.


Reselling the Lead Data Stream.

Leap Group implemented the Lead Data Stream for their client and were able to capture a large amount of the qualified traffic that their Google Ads search campaigns were bringing in, even if the individual did not fill out a form.

Leap gave the Lead Data Stream resolutions to their client’s inhouse sales team to append to their Hubspot outbound flows to further educate and nurture the qualified Google Ads search traffic that they were bringing in. As a result, they saw 5x the amount of form fills for a quote come in through the Lead Data Stream resolutions over a 45 day period.


More Qualified Leads Matching the ICP.

Below is a comparison of the results the Lead Data Stream provided to Leap Group to deliver back to their clients over a 30 day period.

Google Ads Results Without Lead Data Stream:

  • Total Clicks From Campaigns: 725
  • Total Form Fill Leads From Campaigns: 19 
  • Cost Per Lead: $111
  • Total Google Ads Spend: $2,110

After Implementing Lead Data Stream: 

  • Additional Leads Delivered For Same Timeframe: 507
  • Cost Per Lead: $4.93
  • Total Monthly Spend: $2,500

White Labeled Additional Revenue Stream.

Leap Group white labeled the Lead Data Stream product, thus providing not only additional leads to their client but also an additional revenue stream and marketing tool for the agency.

As the architect of your marketing strategy, embracing Lead Data Stream empowers you to navigate the evolving landscape of consumer engagement with confidence and finesse. Get connected with Untitled today and start your 14-day free trial of the Lead Data Stream.