sisense and fivetran

White-labeled Reporting with Sisense & Fivetran.

Using our embedded analytics partner, Sisense, Untitled built an eCommerce reporting platform that allowed clients to sign into their data sources using our integration partner, Fivetran.

This tool allowed eCommerce organizations to pull in data sources from the most commonly adopted platforms, like Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify and more. Moreover, the entire experience was branded for the agency, including the portal domain, dashboards, etc.

Data Sources Used:

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Tools Utilized:

Wins After Project Completion.

The dashboards provided a central location for decision making, including detailed insights into ROAS by media type, advertisements and overall CAC. Customer details are easily sortable by top spend, frequent purchases, affinity product groups and location, which can then be used for highly targeted audiences.

Additionally, in a two-month holiday sprint, the client utilized Untitled’s digital marketing insights from the dashboard to run highly profitable advertising campaigns across multiple channels.

  • Facebook: generated a total of $165,371 in revenue on a marketing spend of $8,516. An impressive 19X ROAS using our insights
  • Google: generated $37,900 on $3,090 spend for a 12X ROAS using our insights