Total Sales Increase: 180% increase

Gronk Fitness Sales Increase: 1600% increase

Email Subscriber Increase: 32% increase

ROAS from Paid Media: 4X


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Overview: G&G Fitness, a family legacy built from the ground up by Gordon Gronkowski, the patriarch and father of future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski, has been a trusted name in premium quality fitness equipment since 1990. From supplying top-notch gear to fitness enthusiasts and commercial gyms nationwide, G&G Fitness has grown to over 15 stores and recently launched their newest fitness brand, Gronk Fitness. With a vision to dominate the direct-to-consumer market and enhance their eCommerce presence, they were ready to take a bold leap forward.

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Obstacle: While G&G Fitness and Gronk Fitness had always maintained an online presence, scaling up online transactions and boosting sales volume was a new frontier. Their customer data was trapped in point of sale systems, making it nearly impossible to build effective first-party data audiences for email marketing and custom audience creation on platforms like Facebook and Google. They needed a game-changing solution to break through the barriers of traditional data management. Enter Untitled and their revolutionary audience data hub, Distilled.


Audience Creation in Distilled.

Recognizing the untapped potential of their website traffic, G&G Fitness and Gronk Fitness turned to Distilled’s cutting-edge identity resolution software. This powerful tool enabled them to de-anonymize hidden website visitors, capturing valuable email addresses and additional data. With this treasure trove of information, they built highly targeted custom audiences for retargeting on Facebook, and used Distilled’s AI-driven model to create lookalike audiences that mirrored their most loyal customers.

By harnessing the power of Distilled, they transformed their website into a goldmine of actionable insights, turning anonymous visitors into engaged customers. This strategic move allowed them to unlock the full potential of their digital marketing efforts, driving unprecedented growth and engagement.


Shopify Conversions and Profitable Campaigns.

The impact of Distilled was nothing short of spectacular. In just two months, G&G Fitness saw a staggering 180% increase in overall sales, accompanied by a 38% boost in their conversion rate. But the real showstopper was the Gronk Fitness product collection, which experienced an astronomical 1600% surge in online sales during the same period.

Additionally, by using audiences in Facebook, the brands were able to maintain a profitable ROAS of 4X across all campaigns – from top of the funnel and retargeting.

Furthermore, the brands enjoyed a 32% increase in active Klaviyo email subscribers, thanks to the profiles captured by the identity resolution tag. This influx of new subscribers opened the door to enhanced email marketing campaigns, fostering deeper connections with their audience and a better understanding of the customer buying journey. With Distilled, G&G Fitness and Gronk Fitness didn’t just level up their eCommerce game: they set a new standard for success. Their journey from traditional retail to digital dominance serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative data solutions.

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Start Using Distilled for Audience Creation!

Distilled by Untitled Firm is a groundbreaking audience data hub designed to revolutionize digital marketing. By leveraging state-of-the-art identity resolution software, Distilled de-anonymizes hidden website traffic, capturing valuable data such as email addresses and demographic details. This enables businesses to build highly targeted custom and lookalike audiences for platforms like Facebook and Google.

With a rich dataset of over 300 million people-based records and an AI-driven model, Distilled identifies ideal customer profiles in real-time, transforming anonymous visitors into engaged customers and driving unparalleled growth and engagement. Perfect for businesses aiming to maximize their marketing ROI, Distilled helps reduce wasted ad spend, increase sales, and enhance customer retention through precise audience targeting and data-driven insights.