79% cost savings vs building a data stack

25% decrease in time to insight

4.5X  average ROAS since utilizing Untitled dashboards

Company Size



Leadership team, Sales team, Marketing team

Data Sources

An eCommerce company that sells high-end cookware was growing 400% year over year. With an amazing brand, incredible storytelling and great digital marketing, the organization was hitting an inflection point. As the business scaled, their VP of Operations was having trouble getting a holistic view on how the company was performing across different departments. He desired a consolidated, single source of truth to view of all sales, marketing, and operational KPIs. He then approached Untitled with hopes of getting help developing a modern data stack that could provide him with the access needed.

ecommerce dashboard

The Challenge

No Data Infrastructure and BI Lead to No Data-Driven Decisions.

When the VP of Operations of a cookware eCommerce brand evaluated their data, he quickly realized they had been utilizing Shopify and Klaviyo as an impromptu data warehouse. Without a single point of truth or a location for modeling and analytics to be conducted, he began to research solutions and learned about the Modern Data Stack (MDS). Their team considered a number of approaches to building their MDS. One option was to build a data warehouse and pipeline themselves, but they knew they lacked the expertise and were concerned about staffing up a team outside of their core area of business.

Desperate for a quick fix, they began using off-the-shelf tools like Segment, Fivetran and PowerBI. With these tools, they started building dashboards themselves, but soon realized their data and reports were not accurate. Still needing help, they found Untitled, which offered them a data driven solution through a fully managed Modern Data Stack.

The Solution

Deploying the Infrastructure Without an Internal Team.

After initial talks, the eCommerce company subscribed to Untitled’s platform in order to quickly adopt a MDS foundation. They pulled in eight data sources, including Shopify, Facebook, Google Ads, Klaviyo and utilized Untitled’s templated dashboards.

In a matter of 5 days, the company had fully adopted the new platform.  They were able to build a useful data infrastructure for a fraction of what it would have cost them to build it themselves. Best of all, for very first time, their data operation allowed them to turn insight into action.

Ecommerce Dashboard

The Impact

Accessibility and Accuracy Now Drive Sales and Marketing.

Untitled’s deployable modern data stack enabled this eCommerce company to put down their quick fix spreadsheets and pipeline integrations. They can now trust their data and ask more complex questions because they have the tools and knowledge to easily find answers through the Untitled BI tool.

Today, the eCommerce company has clean and consistent data available to them with the click of a button. When they combine that with their own expertise, they’re able to make better, more sound decisions and as a company, they have adopted a data mindset that will propel them into the future. In a matter of months, the marketing team was able to change Facebook targeting to clearly define their audience. Running over $100,000 a month on Facebook alone, they are able to consistently hold a 4.5x ROAS across all campaigns. 

With real time reporting, accurate data, and basic forecasting on their Shopify store, the VP of Operations was incredibly excited to introduce this new modern data culture throughout the entire organization.