$240,000 in cost savings vs building a data stack

10 Hours saved by each employee per month

5 brands deployed with brand-new data architecture

Company Size



Leadership team, Operations team

Dental Choice Holdings (DCH) is a subsidiary of Delta Dental, the largest and most trusted dental benefits carrier in America. Delta Choice Holdings (DCH) is the parent company of five brands: Airwaav, GameOn, CustMbite, Delta Dental and Goon Guard which are all specialized mouth and night guards.


Lack of Accurate Data Visualization & Limited Informed Decision-Making.

Initially, Untitled was contracted to help launch and support the several DCH brands’ ecommerce efforts and initiatives. Throughout our relationship, Brian Hart, CRO of Delta Dental Kentucky and DCH mentioned that he wanted a better way to accurately visualize how each of the DCH brands were performing so he could make more sound business decisions in the future. Our team went right to work – already equipped with solution in mind.


Brand Development & Increased Brand Awareness.

Our team successfully built out, launched and supported five of their brands’ websites along with a wholesale store. With each of these websites and among further collaboration with the DCH team, this has brought about great brand awareness and connected them to thousands of customers and athletes all over the world to purchase mouth and night guards.

Addtionally, each brand needed data archiecture in order to track customer behavior and preferences to utilize this information to make informed decisions about things like product pricing and placement, inventory management, and marketing efforts. With 5 brands, this would be a costly endevaor. However, DCH Decided to utilizing Distilled to control costs and gain insight quickly.


$240k Cost Savings 

By utilizing Distilled

10 Hours

Saved by each employee per month 

5 MDS’

Deployed through Distilled

5 Sites 

Deployed through Shopify

Streamlined Processes and Increased Team Visibility.

With Distilled, this will save Dental Choice Holdings over $240k. In regards to the cost of combining the salaries of a Front End Engineer, Data Engineer and a Data Scientist/Analyst for the build-out, analysis and support. As well, by moving on to Distilled, DCH saved time by having a single source of truth to accurately make better business decisions moving forward.

Distilled’s modern data infrastructure enabled each store to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Tasks like analyzing customer feedback, identifying trends and patterns in sales data, and making predictions about future performance became accessible to all team members. Distilled made it easier for the stores to integrate data from multiple sources, such as additional online marketplaces, social media, and in-store sales data, and use this data to gain a more comprehensive view of their operations.

In regards to our ongoing eCommerce support, this has allowed their team time to focus on their marketing efforts and brand expansion to grow their business, which has saved each employee roughly 10 hours a month.