Automation and Digital Transformation

Dealer Trade Network (DTN), an auto broker that locates the best mix of vehicles to match dealer needs, had been scaling their business with manual processes for 18 years. DTN’s leadership wanted to exponentially grow, but knew they needed help implementing a modern-day tech stack. Our team went to work creating a 12-month development plan to go from “today to tomorrow.”

After rapidly deploying their data architecture using Untitled’s proprietary systems, we helped connect several data sources, including outbound marketing, lot inventory, and sales insights into one clearly accessible and actionable data pipeline and provided a BI solution through PowerBI that provided insights to all levels of the organization.

Tools Utilized:

Client Outcome

DTN had been in business for over 18 years before working with Untitled. After deploying a modern data foundation and 30 days after the data discovery session, a near real-time sales and operations dashboard was delivered. Within two months of the system being fully deployed, DTN experienced three consecutive months of record gross profits by using insights and automation delivered by Untitled.

Moreover, this record sales month happened in June 2021 during a nationwide inventory and car shortage due to economic factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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