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When starting a business one of the biggest questions you have to answer early on is the ever-important, “What are we gonna call this thing?”

The possibilities are endless. Do you go for a name that plays off an inside joke? Do you mash a couple of words together to come up with a new word? Maybe, you name it after a childhood pet that was important to you during your most impressionable years? Regardless, with a company name that seems simple, we’re often asked the question, “What’s with the name?”


It may seem basic, but we can assure you there is thought and intent behind it. In fact, the origin behind the name “Untitled” is bit unique.

We’re big music fans here, often sharing songs internally via Slack of artists that we’ve just discovered or tracks that seem to fit with our moods on certain days. When developing the company our founders were listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, an artist that still gets a fair amount of play around the office. More specifically, they were listening to the album Untitled Unmastered.

untitled unmastered

With that in mind, “Untitled” seemed like a good enough placeholder for the company name. At least while our three founders focused on some things that were a bit more important at the time, like actually getting a new business off the ground and mapping out a path to make it successful.

However, the more they thought about the name, the more they realized how perfect it was for what we have aimed to do since day one.

At Untitled, we strive for innovation above all else. More importantly, we encourage everyone, from our employees to our clients, to push boundaries, ask questions and think outside the box when trying to formulate plans and solve problems.

We work hard to maintain an internal environment that is built on curiosity and transparency. Questions and ideas are welcomed to ensure we’re always growing and innovating. We carry those same ideals over to our clients who come to us with a variety of problems. With each new client we encounter, new problems arise but the solutions are always brought about by building Modern Data Stacks that lead to innovative solutions and strategic plans for moving forward.

By definition, “innovation” means creating or introducing something new: a new way of doing something, developing a new product, generating new ideas that can lead to a solution, etc. Of course, when you start something new it is always given a default name…

It always starts with “Untitled.”

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