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Here at Untitled, we were fortunate enough to be featured in a recent case study by our partners at Fivetran. The study highlights our usage of their “Powered by Fivetran” product and the role it plays within the Untitled Platform.

As a modern data consultancy, we understand that companies are struggling to adopt the new technologies and methodologies that are required to compete in today’s market. While building our platform it is our aim to remove the complexity of this process and create a fast, easy and accessible way for organizations of any kind to conduct analytics, build products, automate processes and enrich data.

Since we have already purchased all the top Modern Data Stack (MDS) tools on the market, including Fivetran, we’re able to not only orchestrate the pipeline and secure our clients’ data, but also lower the overall costs by passing savings directly to our clients.

Better yet, as a full-service MDS solution, we provide more than just technology, as our clients’ infrastructure is supported and managed by our in-house team of data engineers, data scientists and business analysts.

For a more indepth look at how we use Powered By Fivetran (PBF) to effortlessly connect customer data within our platform, check out the full article here or watch the video above.

If you’d like to learn more about the Untitled Platform, download our capabilities deck here or click the button below to get a conversation started.

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