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Our team was quoted in a Courier Journal article regarding hiring practices and recommendations when it comes to tech-firms across the country.

“Experts watching the transition caution that the demand for college coursework isn’t going away, particularly in non-technical fields. But the tech industry is experiencing a lot of pressure — driven, in part, by the growing shortage of software developers, and predictions that the shortage in the U.S. will reach 1 million such developers by 2020.”

“Such a brazen repudiation of the value of college no doubt would make the average career academic shudder, but Peabody and his two partners in a new Louisville data and marketing company are on the front lines of a trend that’s expanding well-paying opportunities for job seekers in technology.”

-Grace Schneider, Louisville Courier Journal

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Photo: Special to Courier-Journal by David R. Lutman

We’re excited to share some of thoughts and insights into the growing tech community in Louisville. If you would like to learn more about what we look for in a future employee, please feel free to reach out.

Read the entire Courier Journal article by pressing the button below.

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