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3 Must-Haves for Successful eCommerce Companies

At Untitled, we have a checklist of what we consider critical aspects of an eCommerce company for digital marketing to be profitable and successful. Having worked with businesses of all stages, from assisting in the naming and branding process, to scaling well-known and established brands, we truly believe this checklist is applicable to every eCommerce company.

Below are three areas of your business to pay attention to if you’re an eCommerce company looking to grow your business.

#1. High Quality Website

Getting quality traffic to a website through ads is only the first step. Clicks don’t matter if the user reaches a dead end. Ensuring the user has a clear and clean path to follow through with a purchase is just as critical for a successful digital advertising strategy. You can have amazing ads with the most targeted audience, even a beautifully designed site, but if there is no clear conversion funnel, your advertising dollars are being wasted.

At Untitled, we do a “website audit” before we even start working thinking about ad concepts. Usually we end up making a few edits including adding a defined CTA (Call To Action) or building additional landing pages. The fewer clicks the user has to make for a purchase, the better. Aesthetics, relevant content and imagery are obviously important, but a user friendly design and strategic site structure is just as critical.

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#2. Strong Organic Social Media Presence & Strategy

At the beginning of a digital marketing partnership, we like to take a deep dive into the particular business’s competitors to get a better understanding of the industry. This includes looking through various social media channels. With this, we start gathering the competitors’ ads (or at least the ones with a good digital advertising team) for future concepts for your business.

Not only is a strong social media presence beneficial for targeting purposes, but when serving media, users can click on your ad and see that you haven’t made a post since 2018, which may impact their view of your credibility.

Active social media accounts with consistent posting of engaging content will have a significant positive impact on your advertising campaigns.

ecommerce success package

#3. Proper Data Collection & Usage

Your data can truly change the game in how your digital advertising campaigns perform. You might have the most incredible product, but if you can’t get it in front of the right people, your advertising efforts are meaningless, and most likely, unprofitable. First party or consumer data is the key to serving ads to people likely to be interested in your product.

We know “data” is a broad term, so let us break down what data is essential for a successful digital marketing strategy:

  • Customer data – From email marketing to custom audiences in Facebook, there’s a variety of ways to utilize your WooCommerce, Shopify or generalized customer data with proven success. If you don’t have any data, make sure you have proper systems in place to collect it. If you do have data, start using it to your advantage. 
  • Website dataGoogle Analytics provides you an in depth analysis of your site visitors, their behavior flow, bounce rate, and so much more. This information enables you to make effective changes to your site as well as get a better understanding of who your visitors are. Additionally, Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel allow you to activate on past website visitors and purchasers in the form of additional event-based audiences.
  • Advertising data – There’s always room to optimize digital campaigns. Does the age group 18-24 have a significantly lower ROAS (return on ad spend) than other age groups on Facebook for your campaigns? Cut those ages out and reallocate that budget to higher converting ages. Have you noticed almost half of your purchases from Google this year come from users in California? Add a bid adjustment! Most importantly, make sure proper conversion tracking is set up on all of your marketing channels so you have access to accurate and reliable conversion data.
In Summary

When Untitled gets a new client that meets our checklist, we get excited because we know we’ll be able to help scale their already awesome business. When we get a client that may not meet all parts of our checklist (or none), we get excited too because we know exactly how to jump in and help them start growing their brand and sales. Wherever your business is on its journey, we’d love to be a part of it. Contact us to get started!

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