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Here at Untitled, we are asked all the time, “should I have a blog on my website?” When it comes to SEO best practices, having text rich content is key to indexing into Google’s search engine. The short answer to this question: yes – you should have a blog on your website. However, to take it a step further, we’d like to discuss the reasons to have a clear blogging strategy, rather than just give you the answer.

Why You Should Have A Blogging Strategy

Blogging and content strategies help with two things: first, it shows Google that you have a live website that continues to update with valuable content for its users. Secondly, having more indexed pages in the search engine gives potential customers a better chance of finding your site and accessing it.

Creating clear value for users is one of the main criteria Google looks for when indexing a page. This means your content should be intentional. Writing keyword rich articles and blogs guarantees more landing pages, which guarantees increased web traffic from new users.

should you have a blog on your website
should you have a blog on your website

What Should Your Blog Be About?

As stated above, your blog should be creating clear value for Google users. Carefully designed articles around your business, industry and field of work would be a great area to start.

For example, at Untitled, we work within data driven marketing, data analytics and web development. As you dig around our blog, you’ll notice that most of our articles and tags are centered around these three fields of work.

It’s important that we communicate not only to potential customers what we do, but also to Google and the Googlebot. As Googlebot crawls your website, it begins to learn and understand information from the HTML content on your website. This is an important reason why you should have microformats placed on your website for SEO results as well.

In Summary

Having a blog on your website is a great start to building SEO results. Showing Google your website is live and provides valuable information is one piece to the puzzle. More importantly, indexing more posts contributes more landing pages within Google’s search results, helping garner new potential customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about a blogging strategy from Untitled’s web team, contact us today. Our marketing consultancy is ready to help.

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