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Shopify releases their own marketplace in Shop App

Shopify has grown steadily over the years by making eCommerce easy for merchants and seamless for customers. Though there are many eCommerce engines available – Woocommerce on WordPress, Magento for enterprise, Etsy for crafts, and Amazon for just about everything – Shopify has cemented its spot as a formidable player in the eCommerce industry.

With easy-to-build stores, a developer-friendly environment, and secure user-friendly purchasing Shopify has emerged as a welcomed alternative to selling on Amazon. In keeping with its identity as a merchant-first platform, Shopify has taken a step towards creating the functionality needed to push more eCommerce companies to their platform than ever before by releasing their new marketplace app, Shop.

With Shop you can keep all of your favorite stores in one place.

“Meet your new shopping assistant.” Shopify hopes that Shop will be your new favorite app to buy online. The Shop app allows you to save all of your favorite Shopify-powered stores to one location, meaning you don’t need to navigate a thousand tabs to look at a thousand catalogs. By saving your favorite stores to Shop, you have access to all of their catalogs in a single-feed. Purchasing has never been easier than with Shop either.

Since all of the stores in Shop are powered by Shopify and their payment processor, Shop Pay, Shop allows you to save your payment and shipping information for every Shopify powered store in a single location, meaning searching, buying, and tracking online purchases has never been easier.

How do eCommerce companies take advantage of Shop?

Shop is free for Shopify merchants to use – the only stipulation is that you must use Shopify’s payment processor in order to be featured on the app. Rather than charge an extended fee like most online marketplaces, Shopify has chosen to make being on the Shop app simple and accessible. Switching payment processors isn’t always simple, but for Shopify merchants taking advantage of Shop Pay’s low rates and platform-wide integration is a no-brainer.

Shop Pay offers rates depending on the level of Shopify plan your store is running, ranging from the industry-standard 2.9%+30¢ to 2.4%+30¢ and even lower if you are using the enterprise-grade Shopify Plus. These low rates paired with the in-person abilities of Shopify POS and exposure in the online marketplace, Shop, make it insanely valuable to eCommerce businesses to utilize Shopify as a way to take hold of your own business.

Not only is Shopify a viable alternative to selling on Amazon, Shopify continually upgrades its value to merchants and customers alike, while keeping the power in the hands of the merchants who use it.

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Should you switch to Shopify?


Sure, there are many eCommerce players in the game, but Shopify has consistently put its users at the forefront of improvements and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. The release of Shop points to Shopify doubling down on their value as an alternative to selling on Amazon, a position which stands to benefit eCommerce companies.

Let’s just run through the ways Shopify puts its merchants first: easy-to-setup storefronts, quality store analytics, low payment processor rates, business-wide integration with Shopify POS, free marketplace listing, quality apps, elegant themes, and stellar support.

The list could keep going, but you get the point. Shopify’s new app, Shop, is just the latest in a long line of improvements to the platform that makes Shopify the best ecommerce platform around.

In Conclusion

If you are an eCommerce company considering making the switch to Shopify, setting up Shopify payments, or just need help managing and marketing your online store, the team at Untitled would be happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll get started!

For more information on Shopify’s new marketplace app, Shop, visit the website here.

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