Hi, and welcome to this blog post…about me… Wow, I love writing about myself! *sarcasm* Oh geez, ok let’s get started.

As you can see from the title, my name is Mary and I am the newest addition to the Untitled team. My formal title here is Digital Account Manager but what does that even mean?

My daily life here at Untitled consists of taking care of you, the client! SEO and PPC are my bread and butter (mmm carbs). I tend to always have keywords and users on the brain and love diving deep into the depths of data to bring actionable insights to help your company reach its full potential.

While I always trust my gut in my personal life, numbers drive what I do for your business. So when you come to Untitled for your digital marketing needs expect to have deep, meaningful, potentially entertaining and quippy conversations with me.

mary murphy

I come from the ad agency world, and have lived and breathed agency life for the last 5 years or so. Untitled is a breath of fresh air in that unlike most agencies, their focus is on bringing directly attributable results to clients to show where you’re hard earned marketing dollars are best spent. Many agencies only measure impressions and clicks, but Untitled does one better and measure actual leads and sales.

Start-ups seem to be my thing, seeing as this is the 3rd one I have been with. I love the wild west frontier feel of starts up, where anything is possible, all ideas are welcome, and we just need to blaze a trail to get where we want to be. I love solving problems for people, and strive to bring value to my clients.

But data driven decisions aren’t the only love in my life. When I’m not sitting deep in thought staring at my monitor, I enjoy spending my time dancing, and competing in dance competitions across the US. I do primarily west coast swing, and dance every week at my local studio. I also love doing crossfit and being generally active. Old fashions are my poison of choice and I am forever in search of the best one in Louisville.

I’m excited to be working at a company with a strong vision of their future. One that values its employees and invests in their happiness and growth, and sees everyone as a part of the team, not just a cog in a wheel that is easily replaced. I’m excited to see us grow and be an integral part of that growth!

mary murphy
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