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I am really excited to be writing this blog right now, and you should be just as excited to be reading it because that means I didn’t break the website just yet.

My name is Jacob Pawlak, I am a former college student, race car driver (once but it counts), computer science teacher, and Blackjack champion (among friends). Today, I am opening another chapter in my life with Untitled as the newest web developer and I could not be more exuberant! With my background in web development and data analytics, the Untitled team thought I’d be a great addendum to the team.

While in college at the University of Kentucky, I studied Computer Science and Linguistics, and worked as a web admin/dev for several of the departments around campus. Aside from building fun and functional websites, I learned how to be a good linguist and started mixing my two fields – the results were cool sentiment analysis machines, chatbots, and corpora-stuffed webapps. At my previous job, I built curriculum for web development bootcamps and the online assessment material to go with them. While in the realm of academia myself, I discovered my passion for education and development.

I feel like all of this will help me on this awesome Untitled journey with Aaron, Connor, and Kramer. Personally, I love startups and the tech industry, so when I made it a point to stay in that career path, I was ever grateful to have found these guys and actually feel at home working here.

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I’m looking forward to the cool stuff our team will build, all the innovations and solutions we are going to create, but most importantly, I’m looking forward to the coming bourbon & mezcal bar.

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