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Hi! My name is Brooklyn Clark and I was born and raised in Louisville. I currently attend the University of Louisville, majoring in Computer Information Systems with the concentration of Information Security and Business Process Management at the College of Business. I choose the Computer Information Systems program because it combines two areas I’m drawn to, technology and business.

Growing up, I was a dancer. I danced for 17 years and I believe it’s the main reason for who I am today. At dance, I learned how to be determined and work hard. Dance did not always come naturally, but I never gave up on the goals I wanted to achieve in the dance world. Although I’m no longer a dancer, I’m very grateful for how it impacted my life.

Outside of my work and school life, you can find me reading a book. My favorite book series is Harry Potter. I’ve reread the series more times than I can count but I will always continue to read them because it brings me so much happiness. If I’m not reading a book, then I’m watching Friends. Friends is my all-time favorite television show, so I tend to quote the show more times than I need to or wear one of my many Friends T-Shirts I own.

I also love to be active. In the summer, I’m either hiking, biking, or fishing when the weather is great. I started fishing during the Covid-19 pandemic and I’ve been hooked ever since. However, I enjoy learning more than anything. I’m so glad to be at Untitled because of the many opportunities to learn from the best.

The moment I came across Untitled, I knew it was a place for me. I wanted to be a part of the team and learn from the amazing people that are a part of it. Untitled is an amazing opportunity that I’m very grateful to have been given. I’m already learning so much and everyone here is so intelligent, inspiring, and friendly. I’m looking forward to what the future has to hold.

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