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The Untitled team continues to grow!

This summer, Untitled is very excited to welcome two new interns: Rose McDonogh and Bryce Cutler. We are very lucky to have these two working with our developer, Jacob Pawlak, on different projects and helping build solutions to better serve our clients needs. We’re happy to have a group of talented and enthusiastic team members who are producing results for customers, while continuing to expand and spread the love of our company!

With our new office freshly renovated, we are able to expand the team and continue to help lead and succeed in today’s data journey.  In the next coming weeks, Untitled will be providing an update regarding some internal projects we’ve been working on.

Untitled offers a data-driven perspective, providing our clients with data strategy, digital platforms, and consumer insights that are simple, straightforward, targeted and scalable. If you are interested in learning more about Untitled, contact us today.

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