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Lead Data Stream + Klaviyo User Guide


Welcome to the Lead Data Stream User Guide! This guide is designed to help you understand and utilize the features of our Lead Data Stream tool, which provides you with valuable insights into your website visitors and empowers your email marketing efforts, and help you utilize this data within Klaviyo. With Lead Data Stream and Klaviyo, you can identify, engage, and convert potential customers like never before.

1. Overview

The Lead Data Stream tool is a pixel that you can add to your website. This pixel captures essential information about your website visitors, including their name, personal email address, age range, income range, household address, and more. This data provides you with deep insights into your visitors’ demographics, allowing you to craft targeted email marketing campaigns.

2. Getting Started

To get started with Lead Data Stream, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up: Create a Distilled account and access the Lead Data Stream tool. You can sign up for your 14-day free trial here.
  2. Install Pixel: Add the provided pixel code to the <head> file on your website. This enables the tool to collect visitor data.
adding lead data stream to header file on shopify website

3. Collecting Visitor Data

The pixel will automatically collect visitor data as they interact with your website. This data includes crucial details that can enhance your understanding of your audience.

4. Exporting Data as CSV

When you’re ready to use the collected data for your Klaviyo campaigns, follow these steps to export your newly collected data as a CSV file:

  1. Log In to Distilled: Log in to your Distilled account and navigate to the “Enrich” page.
  2. Select Data and Date Range: Select whether you want to download from the B2B file, B2C file or PTE file. Use the filtering tool to select your date range. For more advanced targeting, sync your Shopify data to enrich the table attributes and build hyper-targeted lists.
  3. Export as CSV: Click on the “Export as CSV” button. A CSV file containing the selected data will be generated and downloaded to your device.
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo

5. Importing Data into Klaviyo

If you’re using Klaviyo for your email marketing campaigns, here’s how you can import the exported data:

  1. Log In to Klaviyo: Log in to your Klaviyo account.
  2. Click the “Lists & Segments” tab under the “Audience” section on the left side navigation menu and then select the “Create List/Segment” button on the top right hand side of the page.
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo
  1. Select the “List” upload option.
  2. Name your list and select the “create list” button.
  3. Select the “upload contacts” option.
  4. Click the “upload” button and select your saved CSV file.
  5. Map the fields from your CSV export into the Klaviyo fields.
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo
  • Note that not all fields in the Lead Data Stream export need to be mapped to Klaviyo. The ones we suggest are: 
    1. first_name > First Name
    2.  last_name > Last Name 
    3. personal_email > Email 
    4. personal_address > Address
    5. personal_address_2 > Address 2
    6. personal_city > City
    7. personal_zip > Zip Code 
  • If there are additional fields in your Lead Data Stream upload that you would like to pull over into your Klaviyo list upload, you can create a new field:
    1. Select the attribute you would like to bring over to Klaviyo and then click on the “Create New Field” button on the Klaviyo mapping drop down. 
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo
  • Name the profile property and select the data type. For attributes like age range, gender, etc. – we recommend selecting “text” as the data type. 
  • Click “create” once you are finished. 
  • The new data field will now be available for mapping.
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo
  1. Once you are finished mapping your fields, select the “Next” button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select “yes, update subscription status for all imported contacts to ‘subscribed” and then click “import” on the top right hand side.
  3. Your list should start to populate. Larger lists may take a bit of time to fully upload.
  4. Once populated, your list is good to go to add to a campaign or existing flow of your choice.
adding lead data stream data to klaviyo

*Crucial Step – remove the Double Opt-In feature and turn on Single Opt-In

To enable single opt-in for a given list:

  1. Click into the list you want to edit.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Consent.
  4. Check the box next to Single opt-in.
  5. Click Save.
6. Best Practices
  • Ensure you are using a “Cookie-Consent” banner on your website to meet compliance regulations within your state when collecting and using visitor data. 
  • Use the collected data responsibly to create personalized and relevant email marketing campaigns.

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