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Our new Lead Data Stream pixel is free and simple to upgrade and now includes actionable page path data on each resolved lead. For every resolution, Distilled customers can now view the Webpage Visited and the Referral Site, as well as segment audiences based on the page behavior data. Surfacing page path data on hidden website visitors enables businesses to target users based the specific pages or products viewed – shedding light on interests and preferences. Thanks to the launch of Self-service pixel creation in Distilled, upgrading to the new pixel is just a few clicks away.

Within 24 hours of successfully installing the new pixel on your website, data will begin to populate in your account. Follow the step-by-step guide below to get started!

Log into your Distilled account.

  1. Log into Distilled and navigate to the Sync > Library page. On the Library page, select the Pixels tab.
pixel library in distilled
  1. Next, select view the Pixel Library to see all pixel(s) active in your account. Under the Version column, look for the Upgrade button, indicating whether your pixel needs to be updated. If the version is marked Current, you already have the latest pixel and no action is needed at this time.
upgrade lead data stream pixel
  1. When you select the Upgrade button, a window will appear with the pixel code. Copy the code and replace the old pixel with the new pixel on your website. For instructions on installing the pixel on your website, follow the link here.
placing pixel on your website

All visitor data generated from the old version of the pixel will remain accessible in the Resolution table. The data populated from the new pixel will seamless populate alongside any existing visitor data.

  1. Within 24 hours of successfully installing the new pixel on your website, visitor data will be available in your account. Find your visitor resolutions under the Enrich > Resolution page in the left navigation menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated to the newest version of the Lead Data Stream pixel to include page path data on each resolved visitor. Page path intel expands the usability and accuracy of Lead Data Stream results, greatly benefiting data-led sales and marketing teams. Surfacing this behavior data enables a true data-driven approach to personalizing user experience, optimizing content, and enhancing marketing efforts.

Visitor data is updated daily, so remember to regularly check your Distilled account to identify opportunities for growth. For additional information or questions, please contact our support team!

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