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Connecting your Distilled data warehouse to PowerBI.

This post outlines the steps required to establish a connection between your Distilled PostgreSQL database and PowerBI using the connection string available in your Distilled account. By establishing this connection, you will be able to utilize the features of PowerBI to visualize and analyze your data in an efficient and effective manner. The process described below is simple and can be completed quickly, allowing you to leverage the power of PowerBI to make informed decisions based on your Distilled data.

There are two ways to connect PowerBI depending on the specific version you are utilizing:

Before you begin:

Before you begin, gather this connection information:

  • Name of the server that hosts the database you want to connect to
  • Database name
  • User name and password

To find your Distilled database name and port details, access your Distilled account and navigate to Analyze > Fetch your data and use the connection string details

Connect from Power Query Desktop.

Step 1: Open PowerBI on your Windows computer. Then, the Power BI splash screen will open. Click Get Data. A new window will appear.

Step 2:  Click Database in the left pane. Then, select PostgreSQL database. From there, Click Connect

Step 3: Enter the database information provided in your Distilled account

  • Server (Host) name
  • Database name
  • Username and password

Step 4: Select OK to connect to the database

Connect from Power Query Online.

Step 1: Select the PostgreSQL database option in the connector selection

Step 2: In the PostgreSQL database dialog that appears, provide the name of the Server (Host) and Database

Step 3: Select the name of the on-premises data gateway you want to use

Step 4: Select the Basic authentication kind and input your PostgreSQL credentials in the Username and Password boxes

Step 5: Select Next to connect to the database

Step 6: In Navigator, select the data you require, then select Transform data to transform the data in Power Query Editor

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