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New products, new clients and new colleagues highlight two years of rapid growth for three local founders.

LOUISVILLE – Ky. Louisville-based architecture and BI solutions firm, Untitled, has moved its headquarters to Butchertown after two years of triple-digit growth. Founded in late 2018 by Aaron Peabody, Kramer Caswell and Connor Gaffney, Untitled has grown to 20 employees, serving over 140 partners across the country and inked two strategic partner alliances with regarded industry leaders Fivetran and Sisense. 

“Even with all of our growth and shifts in our product, we have always prioritized our team above all else,” said Aaron Peadbody, Untitled Co-Founder and CTO. “If you want to build the best technology in the world, you need the best technologists to do it. And lots of candy.”  Two years of triple digit growth forced Untitled to look to move from its 1,900 sq. ft. space in Downtown Louisville to a new location immediately.

The team at Untitled paired with Andy Bleiden to build a space of their own to better accommodate their recent growth and plan for the future. The official move-in date was June 1, but the space isn’t expected to be completed until later this month with a more formal ribbon cutting planned for July 22, 2021.

“Untitled is a great addition to the business community and energy of Butchertown as we continue to expand this historic, eclectic Louisville neighborhood,” said Andy Bleiden. Andy is an award-winning preservationist that has been refurbishing Butchertown buildings since the early 1980s. “The Butchertown Market building has been home to iconic companies since 1880, and it’s exciting to see it house another innovative company in our community.”  

Untitled Co-Founder and COO, Connor Gaffney, said that this 10,000 sq. ft. space should allow them to go from the current 20 employees to 40 by the end of the year with another potential doubling next year. Untitled has recently made a shift from a data analytics firm that offers architecture along with digital marketing tools, to a modern-day, full-service architecture and BI solutions firm as it saw the impact it was having digitally transforming businesses’ entire data ecosystems. 

With local partners like Delta Dental of Kentucky, Louisville Water Company, Dealer Trade Network, United Mail and ARGI, Untitled has built a reputation around delivering modern technology solutions to help transform companies systems and processes.

“Over the course of our long-term partnership, we have greatly benefited from Untitled’s knowledge and expertise in bringing new technologies to our company,” said Brian Hart, Chief Revenue Officer of DDKY. “Transforming our processes to better access and utilize our data has not been easy, so having a partner that truly understands how to take us from today to tomorrow has been critical.”

In a recent McKinsey research report, 62 percent of businesses believe that legacy technology is their largest roadblock to continued growth. A staggering 70 percent of technology modernization projects fail due to a lack of commitment in changing long-standing business processes to match the new technologies being incorporated. Enter Untitled’s most recent product offering, an AI-empowered platform, aptly titled, “Untitled.”

Their proprietary platform utilizes Infrastructure and Frameworks as a Service to deploy best practice modern data stacks. The benefit to a partner connecting to the platform, is that they can rapidly deploy and scale flexible data stacks and take advantage of much of the integration work that the Untitled team has already done. In turn, they receive actionable insights faster than if they were to build on their own.

“The speed at which new technologies and tools are being developed demands a technical partner that’s actually utilizing these tools and pushing the edge of what’s possible,” said serial Louisville entrepreneur and Untitled CEO, Steve Huey. “When I met this founding team, it was apparent that they are and will continue to be leaders in this next wave of building modern data ecosystems.”  


About Untitled Firm: 

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Untitled leverages proprietary methodologies, utilizing infrastructure and frameworks as a service, allowing partners to rapidly deploy modern data stacks. Untitled provides a competitive advantage to partners by building impactful data infrastructure, resulting in faster time to insight, decreased operating costs, increased revenue and advanced ML and AI capabilities. Founded in 2018 by Aaron Peabody, Kramer Caswell and Connor Gaffney, Untitled has 20 employees and has served over 140 partners across the country.

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