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Earlier this year, Google Marketing Live announced they’d soon be rolling out Google Gallery Ads. On August 5th, 2019, Google announced that a beta for the new medium was now available in 11 languages globally.

Similar to Facebook’s carousel ad concept, Gallery Ads are swipeable images with specific text laid over-top. These image-centric ads live at the top of Google search result pages and help businesses show up to 8 photos of their brand or company.

Each image has its own caption and call-to-action button, giving advertisers the ability to add additional callouts and extensions. Gallery Ads are not a specific campaign format either – advertisers can add Gallery Ads to any search based campaigns they are currently running.

It’s clear product-based companies will definitely benefit from this new ad type, service companies could see even more of a boost. Google Shopping Ads have been a staple image-focused medium since release for many B2C companies, but B2B on Google has lacked a similar method for advertising. While still new and untested, the arrival of Google Gallery Ads could drastically improve search campaign results in any services industry.

google gallery ads

As a data-driven decision making company, Untitled is excited to try out this new medium for our clients. Our team always looks at the data insights on campaigns, so as they come in, we’re looking forward to sharing the results.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Gallery Ads, check out Google’s recent press release on the topic.

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