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When we set out to design our platform, Distilled, we wanted to create something that would help all businesses, regardless of size and industry, centralize, organize and analyze their data.  Better yet, we wanted to create an all-in-one solution that helps turn that data into outcomes that solve specific problems.

Just weeks after the initial rollout of Distilled, we have found that our clients are already finding significant value in a variety of areas. By focusing on using data to drive strategy and action, our clients can now make decisions and build strategies backed by data. With this in mind, here are four additional benefits our clients are already seeing from using Distilled.

New revenue opportunities

With Distilled’s one-click analytics, data comes to life in real-time. Having organized and accurate data at your fingertips allows companies to quickly locate opportunities to increase profit. With dashboards that turn complex data into easy-to-read visuals, marketing and sales teams can work in unison to form data-driven, targeted strategies, instead of relying on hunches and gut checks.

One of our clients in the Bev/Alc space was having a hard time accurately reading and understanding reports from their distributors. However, once that data was connected and displayed in Distilled, they quickly understood where they needed to increase their sales activities and marketing presence based on high-performing zip codes and accounts. The result was a jump in revenue thanks to a united effort from their marketing and sales teams that was based on one source of truth delivered by their data in Distilled.

Sales Performance
Quickly identify problems and visualize clear next steps

With Distilled, you can find out what’s happening within your company in just a few clicks. As one of our clients recently said, “In two clicks we know what’s going on and why. It’s so easy to identify areas performing well and areas that are problematic.” With Distilled, we’re committed to not only showing you your data but also working with you to make sure you can act on it. Once a client signs on, these action items are available in minutes instead weeks, which is often the case when trying to build reports from different data sources.

An eCommerce client began using Distilled and identified that they were losing a good amount of money on discounted items and “gifts with purchase” they had been offering. In a matter of days, they changed the initiative, allowing them to stop a loss they otherwise would have continued to endure.

Bypass gatekeepers and increase efficiency

Another benefit of Distilled is the efficiency it creates within your company. Often, work gets bogged down because certain people are waiting for access to data to complete tasks. With Distilled, there is no need to disrupt your IT department’s production systems. Instead, our clients are using Distilled to go source-by-source, grabbing the data they need to start activating and getting results.

Recently, one of our clients was having trouble because their team of analysts could not get data out of an ERP system without the threat of disrupting their production environment. Using Distilled, they were able to pull data into their new warehouse and immediately start modeling the data on their own. This new efficiency allows them to work quicker and more intelligently without the fear of disrupting another department or the headache of waiting for access.

analyze your data with distilled
Save on costs from technology to headcount 

One more significant benefit our clients are experiencing with Distilled is saving on costs across their company. By leveraging all of the features within Distilled, including ELT, warehousing, BI, and more, companies are getting access to high-level data tools at a fraction of the cost. Individually purchasing these tools could cost up to 80% more than using Distilled. Not to mention the cost savings from not needing to hire employees to set up and manage the data stack. With Distilled, in addition to building your data stack, you get access to our team of data experts to help manage your new data infrastructure and ensure you understand your insights and can take action.

We recently discovered that one of our clients is saving 77%, or $7,500 a month, on technology costs by migrating to Distilled instead of continuing to purchase software and data tools on their own. Through cost savings in multiple areas, many of our clients have realized that Distilled is paying for itself and then some after just a few months.

Getting started with Distilled

We know data can be overwhelming. Often people come to us with messy, siloed data and don’t even know where to begin in finding a solution. We developed Distilled to make it easy for all businesses to organize their data and turn it into actionable outcomes that solve specific problems.

With our initial rollout underway, we are encouraged that our clients are already reaping the benefits from Distilled. With each new client comes new problems to solve. We are confident Distilled has something for every business looking for a better data solution.

If you are interested in learning more about how your business can benefit from Distilled, we would love to connect with you and set up a time to chat!

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