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Summary: We are excited the launch of two new features in Distilled:

  • A new and improved Lead Data Stream tag that now includes page path data on each resolved lead and refreshes every 12 hours rather than once daily.
  • Self-service tag creation in Distilled. Customers can now generate their own tags and upgrade to the new LDS tag in just a few clicks

Page Path Data Now Available With the Lead Data Stream.

Get ready to unlock powerful insights with our enhanced Lead Data Stream tag – now packed with actionable page path data for every resolved lead. Dive deeper than ever before: view the exact Webpage Visited, the Referral Site, and effortlessly segment your audiences based on their on-site behavior. Discover the intent of your website visitors and strategically target them based on the specific pages or products they’ve browsed. Unveil their true interests and preferences!

If you’re a current customer, how do you upgrade? With the debut of our Self-service tag creation in Distilled, upgrading to this state-of-the-art tag is merely a few clicks away.

Generate Your Tags Within Distilled.

To transition to the new tag, Distilled users can now log into their account and use the self-service tag generation feature for a quick, seamless upgrade. For all new customers, you can sign up for a Distilled account, generate a Lead Data Stream tag, and immediately start identifying and targeting your hidden users.

Additional Information.

Page path data on hidden website visitors is a powerful tool for businesses to understand, engage, and convert previously elusive website traffic. This feature enables a true data-driven approach to personalizing user experience, optimizing content, and enhancing marketing efforts.

lead data stream

Improved targeting with visibility into pages viewed and referral site – shedding light on interests and preferences. Seamlessly update to the new tag with Self-service tag generation in Distilled

lead data stream

Build highly targeted audiences based on pages or products viewed. This feature enables users to tailor marketing efforts, delivering the right message to the right audience.

In addition to filtering leads based on demographic and firmographic attributes, Distilled customers can now classify visitors by URLs seen – adding focus to user intent and interests. Page path intel expands the usability and accuracy of Lead Data Stream results, greatly benefiting data-led sales and marketing teams. From content optimization to precise ad targeting, our upgraded tag amplifies the impact of customer data across the organization. For more information, contact our team today!

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