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Untitled Firm will continue to evolve the service offerings we are extending to clients. We recognize being nimble in our approach leads to sustainable growth for our consultancy, as well as continued value adds for our clients and partner base. Because of this, we would like to discuss our role as data pipeline consultants in Louisville.

What Is A Data Pipeline?

To start, you may not be familiar with what a data pipeline is. A data pipeline streamlines all of your organization’s data sources into one logically constructed data warehouse, then connects that data warehouse to a data analytics solution such as PowerBI or Tableau.

Why does your business need a data pipeline? Data driven marketing and decision making is becoming increasingly important for organizations that want to sustain a competitive edge. According to Nucleus Research, investments in analytics produce returns of 13:1, that’s $13 for every dollar spent on implementing a data pipeline.

data pipeline consultants in louisville

Chances are that your competitors are already using data analytics in some fashion or another. However, with the numerous data repositories and sources that a company may have, it is likely that they have not yet streamlined that data into one centralized location. Even fewer of them would’ve modeled all of that data into a singular data analytics dashboard.

Data Consultants In Louisville: Untitled Firm

The process Untitled uses for setting up a data pipeline is relatively straightforward. First, we initiate a discovery session with key staff members and constituents within your organization to learn about all of the data sources your company currently levarges or has access to. Then we map out the company’s information architecture and data repository sources onto a schematic.

Once we believe the schematic to be correct, we begin researching extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions to take your data from all of the listed data sources, and load it correctly into a single data warehouse you control. Once the process of extracting and loading data into the data warehouse has been automated, we then connect the warehouse to a business analytics solution of your choice.

data pipeline consultants in louisville

Once Your Data Pipeline Is Finished

Once the data pipeline has been connected to a business analytics solution such as PowerBI, we walk hand-in-hand with you in modeling your data to display key performance metrics for your company and create automated reporting solutions and dashboards for core stakeholders. All the data that an organization would ever want or need to see is now right in front of them, displaying near real time information.

In Summary

Untitled is comprised of the best data pipeline consultants in Louisville. We are well equipped to build out your data pipeline using scalable and intelligently optimized solutions. By implementing lean, affordable, yet extensible solutions for clients, we ensure your organization has complete control over the information flowing through it daily.

Untitled is excited about offering this new service. We will add value as data pipeline consultants in Louisville for any organization interested in building a data pipeline within their organization.

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