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With technology constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the latest eCommerce digital marketing trends and strategies. It’s easy to get behind or stay comfortable with the marketing strategy you have been using.

However, if you want your business to continue to grow, it’s essential to capitalize on advanced tools that will help you market your business more effectively.

While there is a seemingly endless list of digital marketing strategies, here are 5 digital marketing strategies for eCommerce companies.

#1. Create and Use a Custom Audience

Facebook Business Manager allows you to upload and target a custom audience when launching a digital marketing campaign for your eCommerce company. A custom audience is a list of people who are already familiar with your business. This means they could be past customers, visitors to your website, or interact with your Facebook Page or Instagram account.

digital marketing strategies for eCommerce

There are multiple ways to create a custom audience. Many businesses use their customer list, which is likely a CSV file from past purchases, current subscribers, fans of their Facebook Page, etc.

You can also use the Facebook Pixel, which is able to track and append those who visit your site back to their Facebook profile. This enables you to target people interested in a specific product or category.

Custom Audiences are extremely valuable because you can be sure you’re targeting users who already have an interest in your brand.

#2. Lookalike Audience

Another reason custom audiences are a great digital marketing tool for eCommerce companies is because they enable you to create lookalike audiences through Facebook Ads Manager.

A lookalike audience allows you to pull commonalities from your custom audiences like demographic data, interests, and behaviors and create a list of new targets who have never interacted with your brand but “look” similar to current customers. You can choose how broad or large you want the lookalike audience to be, but it is recommended to not make it too broad because you don’t want to decrease the level of resemblance to your custom audience.

A lookalike audience helps increase your reach with new customers, while still maintaining a significant likeliness of conversion, resulting in a higher ROI.

#3. Conversion Tracking & Remarketing

Conversion tracking allows you to track what action someone takes after clicking your eCommerce ad, which could be a purchase, email sign-up, phone call, app install, etc.

In other words, it shows you exactly how many of your impressions actually led to conversions. This enables you to see which creatives, keywords, ad text, and more are driving the best results.

Being able to see where your conversions are coming from is very beneficial because it can help you make better-informed decisions and optimize your advertising strategies.

So, how does conversion tracking work?

Conversion tracking works through a code snippet that is added to your website. You then define actions you would like to track. When someone clicks your ad, a temporary cookie is placed on their device. After that person completes the action you defined, a conversion is recorded.

You can also use snippet codes to track site visits for remarketing, also known as retargeting.

As an example, say you are online shopping for a pair of shoes, but left them in your shopping cart. The next day, you suddenly see the exact same shoes show up as an advertisement on a different website.

This is remarketing, and it uses a similar process as conversion tracking. Remarketing ads can lead to a 70% higher chance of a conversion.

digital marketing strategies for eCommerce

#4. Multichannel Approach

A multichannel approach is the idea of being present where your customers are. These days, your customers are not just on one channel or platform – therefore, you shouldn’t be either. This could mean that for one campaign your business is utilizing social targeting, direct mail, email marketing, radio, blogs, etc.

Those targeted through a multichannel approach typically spend 3 to 4x more than single-channel customers. Here are three reasons why a multichannel approach is beneficial to your business:

Brand RecognitionHaving a consistent presence across multiple channels not only creates increased awareness to customers but also results in valuable brand recognition.

DataThe more touchpoints you have with your customers, the more data you will have. This will help you understand your audience better and allow you to target customers more effectively.

ReachThe more channels you’re on, the more customers you will be available to. Through being attentive to customer behavior and preferences, you can reach customers on channels they prefer, meaning they will be more likely to convert.

#5. Facebook and Instagram Product Catalogs

Facebook Business Manager allows you to create an online catalog by uploading your products to Facebook. This is available for four types of catalogs including eCommerce, travel, real estate, and auto. Once you add your inventory, you can then use this catalog to run ads, set up shopping on Instagram, and more.

Catalog ads can have up to 10 images, so customers have the ability to scroll through and click a product they are interested in.

digital marketing strategies

You can even use dynamic ads to retarget people who have interacted with certain products or categories from your catalog.

Within Instagram, you can also tag products from your catalog in posts and stories, enabling an easier online experience so customers can shop directly from social media instead of having to visit your site.

There are numerous ways you can utilize catalogs on Facebook and Instagram to increase product sales, and you can create multiple catalogs to use in different ways.

In Summary

There are so many exciting new tools and opportunities to help your e-commerce business take off in 2020. While we only outlined five digital marketing strategies, we believe these are each crucial to your company’s growth.

If your business is looking to leverage any of these strategies but not sure where to start, reach out to Untitled and we’ll be happy to you optimize your advertising results.

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