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As a marketing consultancy in Louisville, our team at Untitled will always be honest with clients. Even to the readers who are not our customers, we strive to be transparent and truthful every way we can.

We aren’t going to write a blog on the complexities of search engine optimization (SEO) for local businesses. In all honesty, SEO is a pretty straightforward problem to solve when building on the local level. Therefore, we’ve outlined 4 easy SEO tips for businesses in Louisville below.

1. Localize Everything To Louisville

If you’re a local business, you should not try to rank globally for every single keyword right away. Most people who do a Google search will often add the city or region where they live within the search bar. If your business matches the keyword search exactly, you have a much higher probability of showing up on the first page of a Google search, depending on the industry you’re in.

4 easy SEO tips for businesses in Louisville

To anyone scaling business that will eventually operate in more than one city, this is still a great approach to take. Just like in business, dominate your local market first, then scale to your next region.

Adding the words “in Louisville” to your keyword tail and meta description is the perfect way to localize. As an example: read the title of our article!

2. Keep Up With Trends In Louisville For Content

Louisville hosts a lot of events that make for great content. When it comes to SEO, having a great content strategy also helps with your search results. The more articles, pages and blogs you write, the more Google sees you as an active website, and thus rewards your site’s ranking within the search engine.

When you run out of specific articles to write about, look no further than a local event. Talk about your business in context to the Kentucky Derby. Are you hosting a Derby party? Maybe you’re taking a day off to go to the track. Are you on Bardstown Road? Host a Zombie Walk event. All of these things that make Louisville awesome also make for great content to post on your blog.

4 easy SEO tips for businesses in Louisville

3. Reach Out To Local Writers

Louisville is a friendly and caring community with a host of local writers and bloggers who could be willing to cover a story on your business. Reach out to writers in Insider Louisville, or Leo Weekly. The backlinks pointing to your website help boost your SEO locally. We like to refer to these back links as “link juice.”

4. Use Local Business Schema Markups

In another blog, I covered that microformats help your SEO. If you’re technical and know your way around the backend of a website, adding local business schema markups help Googlebot gather more information on your website, giving you a better chance to rank locally.

Check the global schema markups to learn more information.

In Summary

Localizing SEO for Louisville is not a hard task. It’s much easier to start small with your optimization and scale it along side your business. Following these 4 easy SEO tips for businesses in Louisville will guarantee long term results.

When all else fails, or if you would rather use an expert for the task, you can always call Untitled Firm. While we pride ourselves in data driven marketing, SEO is one of the pillars of solid digital marketing practices. If you’d like to learn more about Untitled Firm or SEO, please contact us below. Let’s chat about your next digital first solution.

4 easy SEO tips for businesses in Louisville
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