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Let’s Change How We

Do Marketing

Untitled was created to bring clarity to a changing business landscape. With industries shifting from ambiguous advertising to data driven marketing, we put our clients ahead of the curve.

digital marketing company in louisville
digital marketing company in louisville

Why Are We Called Untitled?

When you first save a code base or file to your computer, the default file name is “untitled.” A computer’s logic treats this as the default state. Untitled mimics this concept, bringing marketing to its ideal approach – a more logical one.

Logical marketing, the way it should be.

Driven By Revenue, Not Metrics

Untitled avoids the standard metrics most advertising companies focus on. Instead we prefer to look at the one key result that matters: revenue.

digital marketing company in louisville
digital marketing company in louisville

We look at marketing

from a data point-of-view.

A better business world is a more candid one. For years, businesses have been collecting data on customers – past and present. Untitled Firm specializes in data analytics and digital marketing in Louisville, creating action-based marketing campaigns with your consumer data.

We are open with our clients, clearly showing you the reasoning behind our every input and decision. By working with you to create an effective, tailored strategy our solutions build value and endure.

Show Me How

Meet The Team

kramer caswell

Kramer Caswell

Digital Marketing Manager

Kramer brings an expertise in digital marketing to the Untitled team. While in college, Kramer built apps and websites, allowing him to become well versed in entrepreneurship and technology. In his former role, Kramer created national-scale SEO campaigns, along with internal digital marketing initiatives. His skill sets have allowed him to work on multiple websites within the top 100,000 most visited in the world and produce optimized sites for customer data collection.

connor gaffney

Connor Gaffney

Director of Operations

Connor Gaffney graduated with Bachelors of Business Administration from Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada. Experienced in data analytics and data storytelling, he is able to create new value from clients’ customer information and identify new opportunities for any company. His professional history has focused on managing and working in teams that built custom business models for Fortune 500 companies. He ensures operations flow smoothly within the company and that maximum value is generated for each client.

aaron peabody

Aaron Peabody

Lead Data Scientist

Aaron specializes in the data element of Untitled’s business. His professional background has been predominantly comprised by technology startups, bringing another entrepreneurial edge to the Untitled team. Aaron has worked as a Digital Strategist in a wide variety of industries, and in former roles, built data models for Fortune 100 companies. His unique experiences gives him a large toolbox of skill sets to amplify your data activation strategies.

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